This gig is a long time in the making but all good things come to those who ask again and again. We are delighted Mark will be joining us in The Grand Social Loft on the 26th October for what promises to be a special party.

Check Mark’s exclusive mix for our podcast below.
It’s been on heavy rotation since it hit our inbox so turn it up and enjoy.

1. 6th Bourough Project – String a lude
2. Billy Paul – Me and Mrs jones (Ramsey Hercules edit)
3. Robert Glasper feat. Erykah Badu – Afro Blue
4. Gil Scott Heron – Home Is Where Where the hatred Is (Ramsey Hercules edit)
5. Projections – Backbone (Original mix)
6. Lional Richie – Love Will Find (LNTG edit)
7. Chaka Khan – Move Me No Mountain (LNTG edit)
8. Jamiroquai – Too Young to Die (George Kelly dub)
9. Lay Far – Bennies Deal
10. Replika – Different Games
11. Ashley Beedle – That’s The Thing
12. 78 edits – Sing It Low
13. Boddhi Sativa – Ngnari Konon’ (Vega Dj Tool)
14. Rainer Trueby – Welcome To Our World (Session Victim Remix)

I started Djin’ in late 1989 with no experience at all other than a two hour demo on how to use a mixer, bpm’s and 4/4 rhythms from Tony Murray who was a well known Dj on the gay scene at the time. Somehow I managed to blag the Tuesday night slot in Shaft – a gay club in Ely Place in Dublin – by telling the owner I was a Dj when really I wasn’t. I just knew my record collection would see me right, and although I sweated for weeks the mixin was so bad, by the following summer I was doing every second Saturday. Djin’ alongside Tonie Walsh, five and six hour sets were norm.
In the end I lost that gig because the owner said my music had gotten too straight and wasn’t ‘gay’ enough, which was ironic. He did give me the option of playing different music but I was on a roll and so said ‘no’ and left.
At the time, Sides – another club in Dublin – had a mixed crowd of gay and straight. The gay crowd went there for the music and used to come to Shaft at around two in the morning because Shaft opened until around five or six – it had a wine bar licence so like Leeson St. they managed to get away with it. Then the straight crowd from Sides followed the cool gayers to shaft, hence the owner getting upset.
Around this time I was doing a few one offs,plus residencies at the Temple of Sound, the Kitchen, the POD, RiRa, Red Box[Powderbuble] and Switch. I opened my own record shop Phuturegroove in the basement of the old Hirschfeld Centre in Temple Bar where coincidently I’d had my first gay clubbing experience when the building housed Flickers.Flickers was Dublin’s first ever bonafied gay club.A dark room, strobe light, mirror ball and talcum powder on the floor.
From the record shop I started putting on my own nights called Hustle,the first one taking place in the main sound room at The Factory in Barrow Street where U2 recorded all their albums in the 90s. It was myself with guest Dominic Dawson and it was Brian Farrell from Live Sound store that managed to blag the venue as he wanted to showcase a new sound system that Litton Lane had for hire.Obviously the shop was a great meeting point for like minded people, and for promoting the gigs I did.
Hustle then ran with Billy Scurry on board at Reynards/Pink Elephant, Columbia Mills, Vicar St. The Hustles on the river and a hotel on the quays, the name of which i can’t remember, it’s there where it ended unfortunately. During this time I also played every major town in Ireland.