It’s been a while since our last podcast but it’s been worth the wait. We are delighted to be featuring Corrado Bucci, a new talent from Italy on the Groovement Soul Podcast. This time we have an exclusive mix recorded by Corrado at his residency night in club Carmen Town in Italy late in 2014.
Corrado has been making waves with some big EP’s on Rebirth and Local talk.
Check out our interview with Corrado below. Enjoy.

Q. You make house music with a jazz /soul influences .. who has 
been your main music influences ?
Well … difficult choice … probably my main music influence is my father (he doesn’t play any instrument and he is not involved in music business) with is powerful collection of classic funky/disco music. From Earth Wind & Fire to Bee Gees, from Narada Michael Walden until Jamiroquai.

Q. What was the first record you bought? 
My first record was Michael Jackson – Dangerous  (whole Album)

Q. What is the music scene like in your home town in Italy? 
Not properly good … too much commercial clubs here ! And sometimes young artist like me can’t   find right places .
I usually play in a little club called “Carmen Town” . this is my favourite  Brescia underground little club where i can play all the music that i love !
Check it out … nice club and they have also a really nice restaurant !

Q. You play piano, at what age did you start and when did you progress into music production ? 
I started to play piano (lessons) 8 years old and of course the study of music is fundamental …Listen to a ‘work of a great composer of classical music is always fantastic and exciting and yes … sometimes give me new inspirations

Q. You are collaborating with Rainer Truby under the name Truccy how did that come about and where you a fan of Rainer’s music?
Yeah … My Rainer !!!!
Well … i’m a big fan of Rainer , very professional … he is a gentleman ! i’m really grateful to have the chance to work with him !
I met him last April(May after my trip in Freiburg for a Root Down party … the day after i showed him all my next projects and … he liked so much one in particular … Sidestep ! So we decided to make a duo called Truccy.
You can hear Sidestep here … already played by Gilles Peterson ! Corrado-bucci – Gilles-peterson-played-truccy-sidestep-on-worldwide-radioshow-radio-rip
Out soon on Compost Black Label

Q. What would be your desert island album ? 
Bonobo – Black Sands

Q. Tell us more about the mix you’ve done for us ?
This Mix … is a live mix with CDs & Vinyls !
i have to say the truth … this is one of the best mix i ever done ! Very stunning , upfifting =)
hope you will like it =)

Q. Your track “open your eyes” has been getting plays from the likes of Giles Peterson  and Joey Negro .. You must be really happy with its success?
Yes … This track is one of my fav ! Of course … I’m really happy about it … Really thanks also to Sir. Gilles … really appreciated !
Probably the best moment in my life … when Rainer played Open Your Eyes during his set at Worldwide Festival !
Incredible …

Q. What are your projects and ambitions for 2015?
I’m finishing different projects,
I will release on March an EP with Rainer called ‘Step By Step ‘ as i told before on Compost
In April Truccy will release a remix for Pilots On Dope on Universal Music
In May an edit with my man Shield from my lovely Rebirth Records  of Joey Negro & Sunburst Band !
So … my ambitions for 2015 are … make music , play music and travel around the world to discover new places to find new inspirations !